Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cooper's Hawk Rusty Blackbird, Green-winged Teal and a Ringneck Duck

I went on a South Shore Bird Club walk this morning looking for waterfowl on several large bodies of water immediately south of Boston.  Unfortunately large bodies of water do not promote great bird photography.  The daily list was excellent and I was fortunately able to get a few good pictures.  Great Pond in Randolph was loaded with Green Winged Teal, but there were also Red Headed Ducks, Lesser and Greater Scuaps, Common Goldeneye, Common Loon, Ring necked Duck and several other great species.  We went to a small pond in Stoughton, MA and I had my best luck for photos.  A Cooper's Hawk swooped over a neighbors feeder.  I was able to get close enough to see it land on a bird bath.  Great Photo! 

Then we were scanning the pond's edge and a Rusty Blackbird landed on the green grass.  Took me awhile to walk around the pond, but I got pretty close. 

This pond also contained 60 Ring necked ducks, a beautiful pair of Pintails, a few Ruddy Ducks and misc gulls.

Cooper's Hawk
Rusty Blackbird

Rusty Blackbird (in heavy molt)
Green winged Teal
Ring Necked Duck


forestal said...

nice set of birds/photos!


Jen said...

Nice, sounds like you had a great day of birding.. The Cooper's Hawk photo is excellent!

Susan W. said...

The Cooper's hawk is gorgeous! Love the background, too!