Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ducks in Louisiana

I was hoping to switch gears off my Louisiana trip with a more local flair from a day of birding on Saturday, but alas I had a really bad birding day.  I left my house at 6AM for an hour or so drive to the Parker River NWR on Plum Island on the north shore of Massachusetts.  There were an assorted number of ducks and other species, but photography wasn't great and everyone I met along the way felt the same.  From there I visited the coast through Gloucester, Rockport and Cape May.  Just wasn't my day to bird.   I hope it was just an off day and it isn't that I was completely spoiled in Louisiana. 

Anyway today I'm reverting back to my gazillions of photos from Louisiana to share some ducks.  Although they were very skittish, I was able to a few good shots. I suspect their skittish behavior was due to the many hunters down south.  I'm not a hunter, but I have several friends that do.  Seems like everyone in the south does.  I don't mind as long as it is properly managed.  Duck hunters pump a great deal of money into conservation through the purchase of duck stamps.  Ducks Unlimited also supports conservation and protection of open space so hopefully the abundance of ducks will remain.

I was fortunate to get a very large variety.    My first stop was at the Audubon Zoo as I was told there is often alot of freeloaders and I wasn't disappointed.  Beside the resident ducks, there had to be 500 Black bellied whistling ducks, falvous whistling ducks, and many others.  Great for ducks!!!!!  See below

Black bellied Whistling Duck

 Fulvous Whistling Duck

Female Hooded Merganser

Wood Duck (woodies were all over the place) Luv'em!!!

I also visited Laccisine NWR in south central LA.  There was a huge abundance of everything present at Laccasine.  

Blue winged Teal

Female Blue Winged Teal

Green and Blue Winged Teal

Lesser Scaup

Female Northern Shoveler

Ring-necked (sweet!)

I've got some time off this week so hopefully I'll have a post of local birds.  I'm sure you don't care where they come from, but I need a fix bad.  :)  Hope you enjoy! 



Jen said...

Oh wow! I love all those duck shots- each one is beautiful, though I was especially excited to see the whistling duck!

John (Tucker) said...

i'd never seen whistling ducks either. I was really happy. There were so many and it was so loud. They seem to be very social. I had never seen that many ducks until later in my trip.

Andy said...

Woo wee, you got some good shots!

Dixxe said...

Awesome Ducks!!! I wish natural habitat & wildflie could be conserved without hunting as the prime directive!

michelle said...

Incredible pictures, I love it!

Anonymous said...

Matthew and Jonathan enjoyed viewing the wonderful pictures. Matthew's favorite bird is the bald eagle. Have you seen one? Jon liked the whistling they really whistle??????