Friday, January 21, 2011

Sax-Zimm Bog Day III

I promised a quick post so without further ado.  I am really happy with these photos.  They came out great and it was a fantastic trip.  Cold yes and snowing most of the time, but as you will see it didn't stop us from getting some great birding done. 

Great Gray Owl (totally awesome) 

Boreal Chickadee (love this bird)

Pine Grosbeak (male)

Red-breasted nuthatch
(this was my photo nemesis bird.  I couldn't get a good photo. 
I'd say that's behind me with this photo.)

Ruffed Grouse (chicken of the snow)

Black backed Woodpecker (male) 
I trekked through snow up to my backside (uphill both ways) to get this picture.   

Black backed woodpecker (female)


Jen said...

So many cool birds! The Boreal Chickadee looks like a great bird, and of course the owl is stunning... I am way jealous of this trip!

John (Tucker) said...

Going with a guide is way worth it. He knew all the cool places and had the connections to find the birds of the day. I'm going to save money and do one or two of these each year. It was soooo worth it.

forestal said...

great photos and some real nice birds - sounds like a worthwhile expense

troutbirder said...

Great post! I went up there last Feb on my own but didn't do near as well. I may have to look into this "guide" business. Great pics too.

Nature Goddess said...

Very cool! Quite an array of birds you captured although, the Great Gray is my favorite. Lucky you were able to get both the male and female Black-backed woodpeckers. I'd say from the looks of it the trip was well worth the time and weather conditions you encountered.

cindyzlogic said...

Wow!! You saw some great birds!! Awesome photog, too!!

Cynthia White said...

Beautiful photos!