Sunday, May 1, 2011

Wading Birds from Grand Isle, Louisiana

A day at the beach was fruitful.  Although I was on the island about a week before prime migration I still had a great day at Grand Isle State Park, and in marsh areas along the road. 

Reddish Egret -this bird would seriously win Dancing with the Stars.
Not a fan of DWTR.  

 Short billed Dowitcher
(check on the water drop rolling off the beak.)

Yellow crowned Night Heron
(there were two sitting in a tree off the trail.) 

 Black necked Stilt 
(such a cool looking bird)

Clapper Rail
(He was talking to me for an hour.  I was real patient and he finally wandered out.)

Lesser Yellow legs


Snowy Egret (magestic looking bird)

Stay tuned for more from Lousiana.  Next weekend I'll be going to Cape May, New Jersey. 


Jen said...

Wow!!!! So many great birds... I think the Yellow-crowned Night Heron is my favorite... Also, wow, you're going to Cape May! I'll be on Cape Cod next weekend as well as dragging my brother to Mt Auburn Cemetery.. I'm hoping for warbler overload. Have a great trip!

Cynthia White said...

Love these pics - very beautiful!

Andy Wilson said...

Like your logo on the photos!

Unknown said...

Beautiful, thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Beautiful, thanks for sharing.