Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More Maine Birding-Scarbourgh and Quoddy State Park

Summer time is great for birding, but I just can't seem to find the time to blog.  Sorry to my steadfast followers.

The first day of my trip north I stopped at a few decent birding locations.  Scarborough Marsh is located a short distance south of Portland, ME.  It was a good stopping point for me on my 7 1/2 hour trip north.   Prior to my trip I was surfing the net to identify any current hot spots and found John Vanderpool's site.  John is on his Big Year.   You can follow him at the Big Year link.  What an awesome idea. 

Any way I only stayed at Scarborough for any hour and it was pretty quiet. 

Virgina Rail

House Wren

After Scarborough, I drove for 5 hours straight through to get to Lubec, ME where I planned to stay the night.  I decided to hit one of the local State Parks.  I didn't know what to expect along the coast.  It was also the late afternoon so I wasn't hopeful of a large count and I was right. 

Black Throated Green Warbler

Immature Bald Eagle

After Quoddy I checked in to a local motel and found a local small bar for a Guinness.  Lubec, ME was an amazing little fishing village along the US-Canadian border.  That was a great Guinness after a 7.5 hour drive.  I retired early so the morning trip to Machias Seal Island would arrive more quickly. 


Razorbills (is there a pecking order?)


forestal said...

Great post and photos, I really love the puffins.


Jen said...

Awesome shots! I haven't been to Maine since I was a kid, but I remember loving it.

Mpho said...

Outstanding pic of the puffin, wow.