Friday, October 21, 2011

Yellow Throated Warbler and a few shore birds

I was on the way out the door to work and got an email that a Yellow Throated Warbler had been seen at Sachuest Point in Middletown, Rhode Island.  Soooo work..lifer?  Work....lifer?  I picked the lifer search at least for a few hours.  So off I went to Sachuest.  It was a bit windy so I wasn't that confident of seeing the warbler.  Yellow throats are not real common in the northeast.  Their territory is New Jersey south.  So when I arrived I got another email that the YTW was no longer being seen at Sachuest.  Major bummer!  I decided to look around anyway and fortunately as soon as I got out of my truck.  Bam!  There it was jumping along the edge of the building. 

Amazingly tame bird.  I set up my camera about 20 feet away and stood still and it flew within 3 feet.  I got alittle crazy and took over 200 photos.  Umm oops! 

Yellow-throated warbler

Yellow throated warbler

Yellow throated warbler
After my short, but successful trip to Sachuest Point, I visited the beaches and had some pretty good luck with shore birds.  Hopefully I've identified them correctly.  Shore bird identification is my nemisis. 

White rumped sandpiper

American Avocet

American Golden Plover

Ruddy Turnstone

Semipalmated sandpiper

Spotted Sandpiper

Semipalmated Plover


Mpho said...

Hi John,
Great pics you've got of the warbler.

Jen said...

Only 200? That's nothing! Haha, I know how it is to get excited about a bird.. Great shorebird variety too!

Dan Huber said...

Wonderful photos and congrats on the lifer Tucker. I recently took 600+ of shorebirds on an outing, so don't feel bad at 200 :)


cindyzlogic said...

Super gorgeous Yellow-throated Warbler! I would have gotten crazy, too! Nice captures :-)) Awesome shorebird shots, too!

Pat Ulrich said...

That warbler sure is beautiful, and love the shorebirds! That sea of seashells makes for a great setting. I'll have to check this area out sometime!