Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Migration in New England 2012

So not alot to say I've been birding like crazy, but overall the migration season seemed pretty lackluster in southeastern New England.  I got my fair share of migrants, but the abunance at several hot spots was way down.  I had to fight to get several of the standards for spring migration.  I did not see a Bay breasted and I still don't have Cerulean Warbler yet either.  Errrrr!  I did add two to my life list lately though (Lawrence's Warbler and a Spruce Grouse.) 

Without further fanfare here are a few photos for your enjoyment.

Chestnut-sided Warbler
Newport, RI

Indigo Bunting
Newport, RI

Warbling Vireo
Providence, RI

White-eyed Vireo
Providence, RI

Northern Parula
Newport, RI

Blue-headed Vireo
Newport, RI

Scarlett Tanager
Newport, RI

Prarire Warbler
Halifax, MA

Canada Warbler
Providence, RI

Blue-winged warbler
Charlestown, RI

Lawrence's Warbler
Charlestown, RI

Eastern Phoebe
Providence, RI

Eastern Towhee
Charlestown, RI

Yellow Warbler
Cambridge, MA

Spruce Grouse
Ferdinand, VT


Cynthia White said...

Lovely images!

Jen said...

Wow, fantastic variety! And you dare complain?! Seriously though, great stuff, so many warblers we don't get out west. Glad you shared them!

Hilke Breder said...

Nice crop of birds, John! I am envious - you saw a lot more than I did.

Kelly said...

I love the photo of the Spruce Grouse. I've never seen one. He's dapper!

Pedernaturalist said...

Nice pics, lots of variety too!