Friday, March 5, 2010

Savannah Sparrow, Tundra Swan, Northern Pintail and a Ring-neck duck

These are pictures from the last leg of my New Jersey Trip.  They were taken at the Edwin B. Forsythe Wildlife Refuge located just north of Atlantic City.  It is an amazing section of New Jersey.  It must be completely awesome during migration.  As soon as we entered the refuge, a rather large flock of snow geese took to the air.  Unfortunately, we were too far away to get a good picture.
Today I've posted an assortment of birds.  The savannah sparrow is the first and looks very similar to most other sparrows except for the yellow highlight above its eye.  It runs along the ground really fast too.   I also posted a Tundra Swan.  Looks like a Mute Swan with the exception of the black vs an orange beak.  I posted another picture of the Northern Pintail only because I think they are cool and a Ring-necked duck as well.  Not the coolest duck on the street, but I'd have a beer with him.   

Savannah Sparrow (notice yellow highlights above the eye) 
Tundra Swan (really windy so even using a tripod was tough)
Northern Pintail (male and female)
Ring-Neck Duck


Spencer said...

I just recently added Savannah Sparrow to my life list. It's nice to actually see some color on a sparrow!

Hilke Breder said...

Nice photos. particularly the long-tailed duck!! I only saw one once from a great distance. Enjoyed your post.