Friday, February 26, 2010

American Coot, Tufted Titmouse and Yellow-rumped Warbler

Well today isn't an exciting post, but all of god's creatures have a place in the choir.  I got each of these pictures as I was searching for the elusive Carolina Chickadee.  Yes, folks I was actually searching for a chickadee.  In these parts (i.e, New England), you can't but move and find the ever present, but charming Black-capped Chickadee.  Apparently the black capped is a Red Sox fan because its southern boundary is located somewhere around the Connecticut border with New York (makes a good story anyway).  Unfortunately, I was only able to briefly capture the Carolina Chickadee so it isn't post worthy. 

Today's post are again from Cape May.   The American Coot seemed to be alot more vibrant than I remember.  Its dark black feathers contrast nicely with the white beak and a very fine red highlight on the bridge.  Nice looking bird and always busy.  I'm also posting a Tufted Titmouse just because it is a great photo.  The region's second nosiest bird, just behind the Carolina Wren.  Pishing brings them in every time.

Of course no birding day is complete without seeing a flock of yellow-rump warblers.  You'd run around in a pack too if your name was humanoid-yellow-rumpus.  Sure to get beat up at the playground!!!  Enjoy. 
American Coot

Tufted Titmouse

Yellow Rumped Warbler


Spencer said...

Around here we're right on the border for black-capped/carolina, but I thin what I see are mostly carolinas. I notice when I go to Michigan, the chickadees (black-capped) have much crisper markings and browner sides. Excellent Titmouse picture, and I agree with your views on the two nosiest birds!

BirdingGirl said...

Great pics John! I could feel spring in the air this morning. What a cute little yellow-rumped- I can hardly wait until it's warbler season around here!