Tuesday, August 24, 2010

More Wading Birds

More photos from Louisiana.....I had a great time visiting City Park, and the local NWR surrounding Lake Pontchartrain.  Bayous are an interesting experience.  It was hot and humid, but still had a great time seaching the shurbs and grasses for a new species.  I was able to get 12 new species for my life list.  I'm not focused so much on my list as I am trying to get great photos of new species.  I just love it.  However, you just can't beat getting out of the office, breathing in the fresh air and feeling the warm sunshine.  Well in this case heavy humid air and blazing sunshine, but its better than freezing my behind off in the cold AC in the office anyday.  I took some time on Bourban Street too.  Music was great, but the crowds and drinking got old really fast.  Not to say I didn't enjoy tossing back a few Guinness cause I did. 

Tri-colored Heron (favorite photo) 
Want to blow this up really big and hang it on my wall.

Male and Female Morehen (got some photos of the male with chicks.) 
No not a couple of female hens, baby chicks. 
They were squeeking constanting driving their dad nuts. 
Venture to say he was looking for a Budwieser after taking care of the kids all morning.   
Not a great picture, but my first of a American Bittern.  They make the coolest sound.  Very gutteral crocking.  If you've never heard it definitely listen when you get the chance.  I'll post some upland birds within the next week or so.

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Some nice shots there John