Friday, August 13, 2010

Wading Birds

Ok folks I am so far behind on my posts.  I have a ton of photos to post and if I wait to clean them up or pick the best I'll never post so I'm just picking a few different species to post.  I spent last Friday on Monomoy Island off Cape Cod.  Wading birds were very busy. 

Hudsonian Godwit
American Oystercatcher (cool eyes)

Lesser Yellowleg
Marbled Godwit (long beak-image if it tripped)


Maria D. said...

The Oystercatcher's beak is pretty cool too!

dAwN said...

Excellent sightings.
We will be taking a boat out in a few days to see what we can see there.
I wanted to exchange numbers for the Birders who Blog Tweet and chirp outing next Saturday.
I will have a blog post in a few days with more far as where to meet etc.
You can send your phone number to my email address and i will email mine back to you.
See you soon!