Sunday, October 3, 2010

Warbles, Sparrows and Grosbeak

Birding week started with a class on Sparrows with the South Shore Bird Club.  The class was provided by Jim Sweeney.  The guy is brilliant, a great teacher and exceptionally knowledgable about sparrows.  Although I learned alot in the class, I still find sparrow identification to be daunting.

On Saturday morning  we met as a class to implement what we learned on Thursday.  Beautiful morning with blue sky and plenty of bird action.  Warblers, sparrows, raptors and gosbeaks were a plenty.  The Cumberland Farms property is a treasure trove for birding activity.  If you live in Massachusetts or Rhode Island the trip is well worth it. 

Blue Grosbeak

Palm Warbler

Savannah Sparrow

Swamp Sparrow

Swamp Sparrow
Lincoln's Sparrow


forestal said...

Nice shots, looks like a great time birding

Susan W. said...

Very nice shots!

BirdingGirl said...

Wow- sounds like a great class. I'm a dummy for not fitting it into my schedule. Jim's a great guy- he's knowledgeable AND nice. Always a nice combination when it comes to birding experts.

Great pics John!