Sunday, September 19, 2010

Vireo, Tanagers and Warblers

On a recent trip to Atlanta I had a weekend to bird prior to a conference I was attending.  Flew down to Atlanta on Saturday morning.  Although, Saturday wasn't that productive, Sunday turned into a great morning for migrating birds.  Visited to Kennesaw Mountain as it is an IBA and known as a great stop over for migrating warblers.  Met some great local birders that were very friendly and helpful.  Haven't begun to build the new birds into the life list, but I think I added at least five. Hope you enjoy!

Yellow-throated Vireo (picture doesn't do this bird justice...crisp colors, well defined lines...
absolutely stunning)

Summer Tanager (molting)

Hooded Warbler  (I asked it to sit still, but clearly this species has no discipline because I couldn't even get it in focus with the fast shutter speed and rapid fire pics.)

Immature Magnolia Warbler (I had a better opportunity to take a picture of this bird, but someone stepped right in front of my lens.  Forgiven in the excitement of a warbler sighting.  They move so fast that there isn't a second to waste.)

Black throated green (see this species alot during the spring and the coloration is much more distinct. Nice looking bird though.
Great Egret (luv close-up shots)


dAwN said...

Great birds! Hope you are getting out for some birding during this Migration season!
Happy Birding!

forestal said...

Great photos


Susan W. said...

Love that egret - I've given up on little birds, though. Nothing smaller than a chicken for me! Well, maybe not THAT extreme. . .yet!