Saturday, September 4, 2010

Unidentified Birds Help!

I had such a great time discussing the photos on the recent trip with the BwBTC that I figured I'd throw out a couple I've been having a difficulty identifying.  The wading bird was taken on Long Island last summer, the next two were taken in Wisconsin and the final photo was taken at Allen's Pond in Dartmouth, Massachusetts.  So what do you think?

Cape May Warbler
Tennessee Warbler


Let the debate begin!


forestal said...

Hey Tucker, nice photos!
#1 not a sora, but think either a Western Willet, or (if bill is longer than it appears) a nonbreeding dowitcher,if legs are yellow, not a willet, they look greyish to me in the pic.
I agree with 2 and 3
the 4th maybe a young yellow warbler?

John (Tucker) said...

I thought about yellow, but the distinct eye ring and the color of the beak. The song also didn't sound like a yellow. With that said, I agree a juvenile could throw all those clues out the window. Hope others have some input too.

Jen said...

Oh geez.. shorebirds and warblers are tough! I hope you get some good help with these!

Anonymous said...

John, I agree the first one is a
Willet, and if the last one is in
fact a warbler, I would think it
is possibly a "brownish 1st year
female" Yellow as shown in the
big Sibley guide. The second one
I would call a Cape May-note the
light ear patch-and also see "Bill
of the Birds" blog for Tues.9/21.
The third one could be a little
confusing, but I think it looks
like a Tennessee Warbler. I am
going by the apparent white under
tail coverts and the pale stripe
over the eye, also the pale wing
bar. Hope I have helped.
Hap in New Hope (MN)

John (Tucker) said...

OK...after looking at the photos. I think Hap in New Hope is correct. Thanks to Hap for helping to solve the mystery of at least two. I've changed the names.