Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Backyard in the snow!

Tons of familiar species today.  Had a Cooper's Hawk.  Grabbed my camera and was snapping away.  Once it took off I realized I forgot my memory card.  No photos!  So goes the life of a true amateur.

American Tree Sparrow (notice the distinct black mark on its chest)
House Finch and American Gold Finch (GF was flapping the wing to tell me to get my sorry ass out to fill the feeders.)

Morning Dove

Male Northern Cardinal (8 of them today!)

Male Downy Woodpecker


Andy said...

Thanks for stopping by.
Also, I noticed at Oliver Mill Park you seemed to have got close to the Hooded Merganser. I'll have to stop by to have a look myself.

Wendy said...

Great shots John! If you send me that Sparrow shot - as a jpg file - I'll see if I can change the lighting to show it's markings -- if you want. :)

oh - we had a Cooper (or Sharp shinned - hard to tell) IN our Hemlock today ... very hungry!