Friday, January 29, 2010

Pileated Woodpecker

I was in Pittsburgh for a business trip and had a later flight so I got up early to do a little birding.  I couldn't find any specific nature centers or parks so I decided a cemetary would do.  By luck I found a really large cemetary. I think most of the birds were smarter then me though because it was about 7 degrees and there was little movement.  However, I got a few lucky shots. 

I've seen the damage left behind by Pileated Woodpeckers, but never got a close up shot.  The head is a little blurry because it was moving 100 mph, but it is a handsome bird.  I always think of the cartoon Woody Woodpecker whenever I see a PW.  The cartoon was really obnoxious. 

As is typical, when you see one Jay you hear a whole lot more.  Today was no different.  They were squawking away about something.  It may have been a herd of deer in the area or me.  I sat and watched this bird try to eat a frozen grape.  Alittle too much for him to swallow. 

There were also 12 to 15 Common Northern Flickers flying around too.  This one found a nice hole to investigate. 

I saw a few other birds, but couldn't photograph them (Hairy woodpecker, gold finch, crows, tufted tit mouse).  Not a banner day, but the PW gets the prize.


cindyzlogic said...

Great capture of a Pileated, John!

thom said...

Hey, John. Not a birder, but I am am amateur photographer. Great shots. Great to hear something from you - albeit not directly. You ought to come to Indiana some day. We probably have some birds you've never seen before. And some of them even have wings. Our best to your family.

Thom Villing