Monday, January 11, 2010

Spring 2008

Was planning to upload only pictures I've taken from 2009 on for the blog, but was bored tonight so I figured I'd post a few older ones that were unique for me.  Hope you enjoy!

Clark's Nutcracker-Grand Teton National Park  Talk about an annoying bird.  Here we are at 7000 feet gazing out across the most amazing views in the GTNP and he was squawking, barking and chirping.  Shut it, bird...enough of you.  If I was a bird I think I'd hang out with him.  Great conversationalist! 

Praire Warbler, Burrage Pond, Halifax, MA

Common Yellow Throat, My Back Yard, Bridgewater, MA
I know this is a common bird, but it doesn't make it any less beautiful.  I love watching them.  They are very silly birds. 

Gambel's Quail, Tucson, AZ (wish I was there now)

Great Horned Owl, Salt Lake City

Hooded Oriole, Tucson, AZ

Baby Killdeer, Hyde Park, MA

Palm Warbler, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Ruby Crowned Kinglet, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Scarlet Tanager, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 
I've never seen such a social tanager.  He followed me around for an hour. 

Red Shouldered Hawk, Bridgewater, MA
Looking to feast at my bird feeders.  NO SEED FOR YOU!

Tom Turkey guarding his post.  He was challenging me.  He wouldn't let me pass.  Strutting, snorting, stamping and walking back and forth.  It was so amazing I couldn't help but laugh which pissed him off even more. 

Immature male orchard oriole (first year) Burrage Pond, Halifax, MA

Male Orchard Oriole, Burrage Pond Halifax MA

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