Sunday, January 10, 2010

Birds of Plymouth, MA and Scusett Beach

I traveled down to Plymouth Harbor and Scusett Beach yesterday morning. It was mighty frigid out and the wind off the water took my breath away, but I was able to visit all my ususal sites and get a few good pics and some blurry ones (enough for me to ID the birds.) Just can't wait for SPRING!!

Common Eider, Plymouth Harbor, Plymouth, MA

1st Year Male Red Breasted Merganser, Plymouth,MA

Female Common Eider, Plymouth Harbor, MA

Female Red Breasted Merganser, Plymouth, MA

1st Year Male Barrow's Golden Eye, Plymouth Harbor, MA

Male Bufflehead (he's on the hunt for a rather attractive female right ahead of him.  I deleted the picture as this is a family page. :)

Male Red Breasted Merganser, Plymouth, MA

Terrible picture of a male Surf Scoter, Plymouth Beach (they were riding the surf and then diving up and down the beach).  It was so cold that even the salt spray was freezing in the air.
Common Loon (although these are a common sight for winter, the bill on this loon was darker (for this time of year) then I'm used to seeing which lead me to question the ID. 

Assorted gulls, Brants, and American Black Ducks
(Can anyone help with the ID of the gulls?) Most are ring bills, but there are a few without the characteristic black wing tips.

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