Saturday, February 20, 2010

Northern Pintail, Longtailed, Harlequin and Northern Shoveler

I took a trip down to New Jersey to meet with a friend, Mike Mandracchia who is a professional guide in New Jersey.  The trip was amazing.  We spotted approximately 71 species including 3 lifers.  I took some excellent photographs with my new lens "Big Mama".  I was feeling pretty cocky about the new lens and was even approached by several people asking what size it was.  Feeling cocky that is until a sharp looking van pulled up driven by an older women.  She said, "how's the birding boys.  Ooo is that a turda swan?"   Well indeed it was so she parked her van and hobbled over to check things out with binoculars.  I was hoping she was going to check out my lens, but instead she went back to her van and pulled out a camera and lens that required a forklift to position it.  Moral: somebody will always have something bigger and better so learn to use what you have by understanding your sorroundings.  Learning your sorroundings during birding is half the fun anyway.  Learning and knowing the preferred habitat of each species will help us all be better birders.

Back to the fun stuff...we visited Barnegat Light,  Cape May and the Brigentine National Wildlife Refuge.  I'll post pictures from each location over the next week.

 Male and Female Northern Pintail
Male Long tailed Duck (formerly Old Squaw)
Male Harlequin Ducks
Male Northern Shovelers

Great birding in New Jersey.


Jen said...

Awesome! I wish I was there with you to see those.

Lin at Sandpiper's Place said...

Hi John,
Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm not very active these days because life is keeping me busy. You have a great blog here with some wonderful photos. Great to meet another nature walker/photographer/blogger from our area.